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Amp/DAC for HD650s

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Hello all,


After months of lurking in the shadows, I've finally decided to make an account here. You can only stumble around the audio world for so long before desperately needing the advice of more seasoned enthusiasts :D


I've come across a used pair of HD650s for just under $370, and may be able to drive the price down further. However, I have no home audio setup whatsoever, and know that I'll need more than just my laptop to drive the 650s. Someone is offering a Darkvoice 336i on the same classifieds site for $160, along with Tung Sol 6080 and 6SN7 tubes for $35 and $40 each, but I can't for the life of me find a DAC within my budget.


In short, I don't have much cash (or space) to play with, so I have to ask:

  • Is it worth picking up the 650s if I can only drive them with the 336i?
  • Am I being charged a reasonable price for the 336i and additional tubes? I can't find much about the amp online, so I'm not sure how much it should cost
  • Which (reasonably portable) DACs would you recommend I look at?
  • Or: should I look at picking up a portable amp/DAC unit, like the VAMP Verza, instead?


My source would be FLAC tracks on my laptop.


Thank you all for your time,



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You should have done a "hi" post here and then gone to the HD 650 appreciation thread and made this your second post (that--as I understand the current rules--does not have to be placed on this thread).

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Terribly sorry about that; I'll do so. I gave the rules a look but obviously not closely enough.

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You could get a HifimeDIY DAC for pretty cheap. 

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