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Been using my headsave classic v2 amp for nearly 10 years with lots and lots of usage time and it's finally starting to give out. Yesterday i came back to my computer after watching 7 straight hours of football ('MURICA!) and I had no sound. Everything looked to be in order, i double checked all the connections and software stuff, but no sound. So I restarted, and sound came back right away...only, not the same. The right side of my headphones had this sharp buzzing whenever audio is played that is rough on the ears, and the audio is all around flat. Definitely not the great sound I've been hearing. Really thought it was my headphones at first but I tested them out on other devices and they sounded fine.


SO, I think the amp is basically just dying of old age. I don't suppose there might be anything I could do to fix it? It may just be time to get a new headphone amp. I certainly wouldn't know what to do if I opened up the amp. Someone else might have the expertise to save it but likely not me. That headsave classic served me damn well though, that's for sure. Thanks for reading.

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