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Everyone's been saying that this was a minor re-release with detachable cables and nearly identical sound, but check this out:






Without having heard the new one yet I'd say it looks like a massive improvement in sound (I realize that's a questionable statement). That M50x graph is really quite different from the M50 graph. All of the same obvious features are present, but the overall tuning basically makes it look like the graph was rotated a bit. I didn't notice when I grabbed the graph originally, but apparently Tyll is going to review these so he must feel that there has been enough improvement over the original to warrant the effort.


Actually, the M50x graph reminds me of: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/NADVISOHP50.pdf

Hardly identical, but the overall trends of the shape are extremely similar. From my perspective the HP50 is the best sounding closed headphone anywhere in its price range (but suffers from some physical design/build issues IMO). Anything that sounds even remotely like the HP50 at a ~$150 price tag would be an amazing deal in the current closed headphone market. I'll have to try one of these when I get a chance.


It seems like this overall tuning is showing up in multiple locations simultaneously. There's the Harmon research curve, the great-sounding (IMO) HP50, the Spirit Pro which is getting a lot of praise (I skipped them because I can't deal with tiny pad openings but they look very close to the HP50 on paper) and now the M50x. Even the P7 is using a similar-looking overall curve with some obvious different tuning choices. When this happens in some fields it's often an indication that something significant has been discovered (or that all the groups involved are stealing each other's data ;) ).


I realize some of that is reaching a bit, but I do think it's interesting to see closed headphones generally settling on one overall curve. That's what you'd hope for in a more mature product; A generally accepted baseline for good quality with variations as desired to produce products for different applications (in this case to produce different coloration for different tastes).


[links to graphs of other headphones I mentioned for reference]:



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But what is weird is there is an interview with a top dog of audio technica in the USA and he said there is absolutely nothing they have done with the sound sig
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Someone said bass is tighter and soundstage is slightly wider
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Anyone know if the actual ear-cups are more comfortable to wear for extended periods? my current M50s I can't wear too long as they get too hot and cause my ears to sweat.



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They may or may not be. Audio technica said that they did not tamper with the sound, but even tyll at innerfidelity says they sound better, which may be due to materials used.
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I think they are comfortable for long periods of time, but I would imagine that will be a pretty subjective thing.  I use them while exercising and I have little to no fatigue from them after 1 to 2 hours.  I haven't tried to use them any longer than that at one time.  If you sweat a lot and are in a hot climate, you may find them to be too hot.  They are pleather ear cups.  Head over to a Guitar Center or something like that and give them a try.  I can attest that they sound great.

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I would never work out in M50, the pads make my ears sweat just after long walks.

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I guess there's more to this story. I've always heard the "white vs blue box" discussion in M50 threads, but wasn't aware there were solid measurements to back up the difference between the two revisions. Apparently I'm an idiot and there are:






...With the later revision looking really close to the M50x. That treble spike is the only major difference left (the rest could be accounted for by production variance). If that's also a production variance it'd be extremely unfortunate, since a tolerance of nearly 10db at 9k is hardly reasonable. Seems more likely to me that they did something to cut that peak down a bit and otherwise left the sound unchanged. Maybe just an effect of the new pads or some minor change to the enclosure that AT doesn't consider a deliberate sound alteration?

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Okay.  Have come to a final 3.5 mm cable modification approach.  Audio Technica informed me they will be selling replacement cables via their distributors starting in May.  The headphones included three nice cables.  A 4 foot straight, a 9-10 foot, or so, straight, and a 4 foot coiled cable that stretches to 9 or 10 feet.  I don't see myself using the 9-10 foot straight cable, and I will be able to replace it later if I find a need for it, so I cut it and am going to attach a 3.5 mm female cable termination.  This will let me avoid modifying the actual headphones but should still allow me to connect all the 3.5 mm cables I would like, particularly a vmoda cable with inline mic or something similar.


This is the cable termination I am planning on using:




Or possibly this:




Or this:




I am planning on doing a couple trial runs to make sure I get the right left ground cables figured out first.  Colors are red, black, and green.  I am assuming green will be ground, black and red will be left and right channels.  Anyone know for sure which is which?  Once I am sure I know where the wires should go, I will cut the cable as short as possible while still leaving just enough wire to reach.  Hoping to have a final adapter around 3 inches long that will hang about 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches out of the base of the headphones.

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Do you have any experience with the modmic?  They seem to have several iterations and they seem to be constantly coming in and out of supply.  This would also necessitate an adapter and a second, long wire to whatever I would be using.  I also have reservations about their sticky foam tape attachment method.  Is it a clean solution overall?

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Just bought a m50x its pretty comfortable, but my head is bit small so the band is making my head sore after a short time. How can i solve it?
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Originally Posted by m1ku View Post

Just bought a m50x its pretty comfortable, but my head is bit small so the band is making my head sore after a short time. How can i solve it?

i don't own the m50x but i did demo the older m50s i dunno why their headbands are actually pretty huge 


i mean like the adjustments 


i don't have a small head but i only used 1 click on both sides when listening to the m50s


what about those smaller head-ed then me!! i'm sure that theres a lot of people that fit that description!

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thats weird then, because I use three clicks... :p

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did some direct comparison between the original M50 vs. M50x.  The new headphones is slightly better.  Doubt anyone would be disappointed by either model.

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