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Could depend on country...or just be that some places maybe got some stock, but not enough to fullfill all orders right away(just guesses).

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Oh wow, headroom shows that M50x doesn't have the 10kHz treble peak anymore, sweet!

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Hi guys I am new here so this is my first post!


Just saying, I noticed the White M50x has a smaller earpad size than the black M50x in the promotional pic. Is this true?

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And I did see the White M50 and black M50, both non-X versions, in a store, and the M50 white earpads do look smaller. weird.

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It's just that the manufacturing tolerances are loose.  They vary in size.  I've noticed the same with other headphones.

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Actually, go and watch a video titled HD 380 PRO vs ATH-M50 by Dale on youtube. The old M50 in the review had earpads that definitely looked smaller than the black M50 which i saw in a store. And I am sure it is no coincidence the promotional pic showing the black M50x with the white M50x on the left and the blue and tan M50x on the right shows the white one having a smaller earpad size than the black one.
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would the earpads size difference matter? (when we know that manufacturing process isn't perfect at all?) - i'm just asking - because one can just replace them anyways....then it can be as big or small as one would want it to be.

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Exactly what is the sonic difference of the limited edition M50x?
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Just ordered the M50x in black earlyer today. Coming from my 20 + year old MDR-404 they should be quite a step up.
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Karloil, are u the guy who lives in Singapore and bought the M50x on 1st Feb? I also live in Singapore, so did u pick it up from the audio technica sales office at 1 Ubi View and how much did u buy it for?
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^got it a few days before the official launch date, it was a few S$ less retail price as it was on introductory sale price (forgot how much now, too lazy to look for the receipt now). purchased if off Stereo - at the time, they were the only store to carry the m50x

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Seriously? Stereo (the one at plaza singapura?) had it before the official audio technica sales office? Lol
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^ i'm sorry but i didn't quite understand. but seriously yes, i got them at their ion store.

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Just wondering why they had it first before the sales office stationed in singapore
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