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EDIT: Found the problem is my old amp (headsave classic V2), it's over 10 years old with many many many hours on it so not too surprising.


Been loving my new audio setup, which includes NAD Viso HP50 headphones. Have been using them for 20 days or so and had no problems.


BUT, today i came back to my computer after watching 7 straight hours of football ('MURICA!) and I had no sound. Everything looked to be in order, i double checked all the connections and software stuff, but no sound. So I restarted, and sound came back right away...only, not the same. The right side has this sharp buzzing whenever audio is played that is rough on the ears, and the audio is all around flat. Definitely not the great sound I've been hearing for the past 20 days.

What comes to mind? Seems to me like something must have broke inside the headphones...a driver or something? Kinda imaging the worst case scenario, i guess, but I don't know what else it could be. It would be surprising for these phones to break 20 days in.


Thanks for reading!


Also is there any good way to test headphones out? Some kind of diagnostics thing?

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