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Hello Fellas


From most other forums I've been a part, of I know newbs need to do intros.  I thought this was the most appropriate section so here we go.


A little about me, I am a audio hobbyist (a bit of an overstatement lol).  I started out with home audio, a modest RTA8 Polks matched with Denon/Adcom separates.  With work and all, I haven't been able to really use my home set up so on to portables I went.  I've been a lurker for close to a year now just self teaching and learning.  


Started with Sansa Clip Zip+ and Silver Bullets v2.


Recently just got the Hifiman HM601 and decided I want much more detail in my music so I went with an HD668 due to budget constraints.  I must say, I am very impressed with the clarity and detail and it's exactly what I wanted on clarity.  However, coming from SBs I do miss a bit of the warmth and a smidge of the sound stage.  

Hence the question of amp choice.  Aside from the warmth and sound stage, I really feel like there isn't that much room with the hm601 in driving the Superlux (I got it set at 8-9), and I figured an amp would solve that.  As far as amp choices, I'm looking at these:


1. JDS cMoy BB

2. pa2v2

3. Fiio


1. Basically from what research I've done, a lot of people have suggested the JDS for warmth and sound stage.  I am however worried I am going to lose some of the resolution/detail that I am enjoying now.  With the added warmth, could this be the case?


2. It's fairly neutral but I am looking for a bit of warmth.


3. From what I've read, it is the least technical of the 3.


Any suggestions?  I did read a few of JDS/superlux combo, but they were at least a year or so old and I am seeing if there are any new inputs.  Thanks!