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For Sale: T Peos H-200 $165; Grado HF1 $250

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For Sale:
T Peos H-200 $165; Grado HF1 $250

Will Ship To: Conus only

** used items but in good conditions***


I go through a lot of gears  -my curiosity gets the best of me- so I do not keep track of how many hours  on phones

can estimate


1. Monster Miles Davis -New in Box- $145 shipped- got it from Monster over a year ago- never opened

2.Westone W4R New in box - $315  what I paid for it thru Amazon, was going to keep it as a spare +$5 shipping- SOLD


3. Grado HF1- cups got cracked- not bad but figure somebody can still enjoy them- second owner-$250 

( might end up sending back to Grado to change the cups)- they are limited so might just keep it 


4. Shure 535- bronze- thinking about parting with it - just got new replacement earphones part from Shure- still sealed

will come with open box , cable from original pair- 


6. Sony $7550- gone


7Heir TZAR 350- SOLD comes with some tips  and Magnus cable- got it in a trade- not sure of the history but works


8.T Peos H-200- was curious about it but not using it much- the flex tip issues supposedly fix- bought in used from here- $165 shipped

9 Beyerdynamic T5p- SOLD- spotted a scratch on one of the cups :(- original owner- got it earlier this year


10. Grado 80i- got it used- going to give this to a family member 


11. Sennheiser IE 80- got it used . original owner got from Amazon- $195 shipped


12.Sennheiser HD600- comes with inner box and stock cable- 

option to add- stock cable terminated for RSA Alo balance amp


13 Audeze LCD -2 rev.2- bamboo- still not sure I want to sell but have too many- 

got it from here. frequency graph from 4-26-2012 - sale will include phone , stock cables , wood cleaning kit, carrying case and graph


 14. Philips Fidelio X1- mint with box -about a  month old, about 100 hrs on it. got it from Amazon deal

looking for $149 plus  $ 5 shipping fees  (been using it with pad protector- pad not  included)



15. Vsonic Gr07 Mk2- lost the ear guard- you get IEM , case and some tips- got it from here  when I sent my W4  for fixing- $89 shipped





Not interested in any trades , at the moment


 Prices as indicated . if applicable Paypal fees on buyer


only shipping to Paypal verified address. some items might require signature upon delivery



Thanks for looking and Happy listening!!!

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I am wondering what the price is for SE535?

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PM sent. Interested in W4R.

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what is the price for HD600? Can you provide me some pics?

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pls send PM if you have any question, thanks


edited ad to update questions i received via PMs-  others might also have the same questions

thanks for looking

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