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Portable player

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Used to have an iPhone 4 hooked with amp and Piccolino LOD but I have no idea how these things work anymore considering the input socket on the Apple products changed. What's a good portable player to get, for both with and without an amp?

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If you are looking for a DAP without amp, fiio X3 is value for money.

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We need a budget, what you liked or disliked about your previous setup, what music you like listening to, where you will be predominantly using the DAP, what features you must have, what you can do without, what you've tried previously would also help.
Why would you need to amp the DAP? Do you have other headphones you'll be using?
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I think your question is more basic: How do you get a lineout signal from an iphone 5, like you did from your older iphone 4.

Unfortunately, I don't know the answer - I wish I did. I'm not sure if a Lightening LOD exists. I think the Lightening->30 Pin adapter can be used with your older LOD.

Maybe someone with an iphone5 can shed some light...
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