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Do I need to buy a low impedance microphone amplifier?

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Hello Community,


     Hopefully this is the correct place to post this and if is not I apologize in advance. Anyway, I recently purchased a new microphone and sound card for my computer. The sound card is an Asus Xonar DX, I have no problems with it and it has been a great investment for my computer. The microphone I purchased is an Audio-Technica ATR3350 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone. To be honest I do not really know why I bought it other than it was cheap and someone recommended it for me. Unfortunately, I did not do very much research into it, thinking that a 20$ mic that has good reviews and a good recommendation must be alright. Now, the problem I have is that this microphone works but it is incredibly quiet. I have to position it just right and even then unless it's basically right next to my lips it is still quiet. I have looked at the Microsoft windows 7 options, the sound card options, and the program being used options with the mic. They do nothing to fix the issue.


     Going online I researched that a possible issue with my microphone could be due to what is called an impedance issue. From what I understand this is when a given microphone such as mine is designed for higher impedance use such a camera of 1000 ohms. Whereas a computer's on board audio or audio card uses a lower impedance level of around 1 to 50 ohms. I am not sure if these numbers or units are right but hopefully it gets the idea across. As a result since the impedance levels do not match it can lead to a quiet microphone.


So my questions are as follows.


Is this the right issue or could it be something different?


If this is the issue it was suggested that I purchase a high to low Impedance transformer such as this one, would this be a good product to purchase to solve my issue? (Also, I am assuming since the ATR 3350 microphone is 1000 ohms impedance meaning it is high I should buy a high to low impedance converter to match a PC sound card?)


Finally, is it worth all this hassle to buy a converter for 10 to 20$ or should I just sell the microphone to a friend who would need it for filming and just buy an actual computer microphone such as Audio-Technica ATR4650?


Thank you if you read all of this post and for any help given,


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Have you put in the batteries? Maybe they're dead?



I doubt the transformer would work. It will probably just make things even quieter.

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