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1TB for $200 / 1,190 RMB and 1.5TB for $265 / 1,590 RMB

The "meal" above should be a better deal with some accessories included, more details could be found below

Just an FYI - older model here

Basically MC330 should have built-in SDXC slot, 8GB ROM, and 128MB RAM. That's pretty close to Sheevaplug or DockStar

And similar setup was done back in 2008 but that's only for home rig

How about transportable rig with DiZiDisk and DAC/amp like Chord Hugo? Granted it's quite bulky @ 133*81*24mm but I didn't find anything similar with USB OTG yet.

MC330 does support stuff like Ethernet adapter and 3G modem via its USB OTG port. It seemed to support SAMBA so most likely it's running ARM-based Linux under the hood. Then we might be able to gain root access via SSH and install stuff like Music Player Daemon with DSD support. Finally we could simply install MPD client on a smartphone or a tablet as a remote control.

Another product from Seagate but no USB OTG

Something similar for home only

Have you guys done anything like this before? We just don't have any DAP with 1TB to pair with something great like Hugo unless we're streaming via DLNA or UPnP.