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How did you get into 'Head-Fi'? Stories..!

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Just wondering how other people got started on (dragged into) this wallet destroying hobby!



For myself; it was when I bought a pair of ADDIEMs on a trip to America (2010) as they were comparatively cheap (exchange rate).


After I had used them until their cable fell apart, I thought there must be a way to prevent that and discovered IEMs with detachable cables, this brought me onto the TF10 Pros (now sadly lost), which in turn led me to their 'successor' the UE900 and from there onto CIEMs...


Now I am acquiring a pair of HD800s in a couple of weeks time and I can see it just going downhill from here, probably with a new amp and pair of Audeze.



So, what's your story and how, (if at all possible) do you end up stopping?


Also, do you think it's 'cheaper' to say "I'll live with something ok for now" and then save up for the TOTL gear instead of buying something new every couple of months?



P.S. I couldn't find a similar thread more recent than two years ago, so thought I should open a new one!

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My interest in audio started loooong ago - back in the last golden age of hi-fi, the 1970s. Bought my first stereo system in 1977, including a pair of Sennheiser HD414. A few years later, I bought a pair of HD420 (that I still have and still use).

Fast forward 27 years to 2003 and I have a job where I'm commuting daily for a long distance on the train. There's this thing called an "ipod" that had come out a couple of years earlier. So, being the consummate tech geek that I am, I did some googling and stumbled onto HeadRoom and this funky little web site called headwize.com, where I discovered an entire universe centered on headphones. I read about things called headphone amps made by geeks named Chu Moy, Jan Meier & Kevin Gilmore. There was an article about modifying the lowly Koss Plug to improve the sound and increase isolation. $10 later I had a pair of Koss IEMs and some foam earplugs. It wasn't long after that I also found head-fi.org.

Since then I've been here on & off - these last couple of years have actually been my longest continuous stay. I'm not a big spender - I'm here more for the community and the chance to stay connected to a hobby I have been interested in for over 30 years. I buy what I can when I can, and I still prefer the gear that is made by smaller guys that aren't too far from hobbyists and DIYers. One of the things that makes me a bit sad is that the influx of cheap gear from the Pacific Rim has driven most of those small niche players either into the summit-fi world (which is out of reach for me) or out of business entirely. I don't know what this means for the future of the community, but I know it's a different universe now than it was 10 years ago. In some ways not as good - but in other ways better than EVER!

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4 years or so ago I had a bunch of so claimed "Audiophile" friends with beats, but there was one guy I knew with a pair of SR60i's that he used as portable 'phones. He told me to come here, then I started learning more about headphones and I realized he had a crap ton of other headphones and we became friends after I started lurking here. He unfortunately died of cancer 2 months ago and I finally decided I'd make an account and start posting to take my mind off things and to get myself a new pair of headphones.

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Mine started three years ago, when I was looking for my first audiophile can.


I had a cyber snipa 5.1 surround sound headphone, and I thought the SQ on those were amazing! (bass was actually prominent for once in my life)


I then found a lot of searches of ath-m50 and was about to pull the trigger, until the reviewer said something about a guy who hyped it in headfi. The pricing also was too steep, so I didn't get it.


I searched, lurked, and enjoyed the community of headfi. It was Dsnuts that made my welcome great. He hyped the htf600 around the time I entered headfi, and almost bought those headphones, if they weren't open...I would have..

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I had just broken another pair of Siberia headphones that I used on my computer for gaming and music and was researching for a nicer headphone.  Google search brought me to head-fi back in 2009 and my wallet has hated me ever since.  

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Not easily feeling content with what I have is how I ended up here I guess.


At one point in my life I was an ignorant in terms of SQ, using an all Bose lineup, from speakers to headphones. On June 2013, I bought a pair of Bowers & Wilkins C5 earphones. I have never listened to it before, but I have listened to the P5 and many of their speakers and thought, 'It couldn't go wrong' and it don't.


The original plan was to use the C5 as a simpler on-the-go, easier to carry setup and the Bose QC15 as the bigger one. But it did not work as I ended up using my B&W C5 all the time, outside and inside my house (I even preferred it to my Bose speakers). Then I thinking, there must be something better than this? A full-sized headphones with an even more mesmerizing performance. 


After some researching, I ended up buying a pair of AKG Q701s with Schiit Magni/Modi on 12th October 2013. Joined Head-Fi a day after, and look at my sig now :D

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