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I am looking to get an amp/dac for my V-Moda M-100. I am not completely clear on the whole amp dac thing. I know that the amp amplifies the sound and the dac bypasses the sound card. My goal is to improve the sound of my headphones, I've heard that the m-100 is easy to drive so I don't need an amp with a lot of power. The primary use for these would be on my desktop computer, but it would be a plus if I can use them on my iPhone and iPod nano.

I am currently looking at the Dragonfly 1.2. I am not sure how it compares to the other options in this price range but I read great things about it. Also I just heard about the iFi iCan nano, and I am very interested in their 3d soundstage technology. I would love to know how these compare. I am also open to hearing any other suggestions. Also there is absolutely no way I am spending over $200, so please don't give a suggestion over 200, even if it is 201. Thanks!