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In-Ear - Suggestions and recommendations

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Hello Head-fi community! This is my first post here and I am posting here because I would like some recommendations or suggestions on what headphones to buy. 


I've spent the day here yesterday looking at reviews and I just could not find the perfect fit for me as there's so much to look through that's also within my budget so I just decided to post here instead and ask for any personal recommendations from head-fi members. 


What I'm looking for are in-ear headphones preferably in the range of $100-200. I've been using the S4i from Klipsch for quite some time and I like how comfortable they are but it's time for a small upgrade. Also preferably headphones with a mic and remote but I'll keep an open mind. Thank you all in advance! 

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My favorite iem with a mic to recommend is still the monster gratitude. At 60 dollars its phenomenal.


At around the 100-200 range, some iems to consider:


Vsonic Gr07 (normal or bass edition if you like more bass)


Philips Fidelio S2


T-Peos H200 is great, maybe you can find them used for less than 200


Also, Aurisonics has a kickstarter program selling their new iem for 150 dollars (MSRP 250). Aurisonics is a company i rly like and i trust with products. You could consider it too and check it out for sure. It would be a bit of a leap of faith but i have a lot of hopes for it haha.



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I'm tempted to get those kickstarter headphones because I really like how they can stay on for long periods of time without irritating my ears but its gonna be a while before I can receive them. I like the those philips iem but I never owned a philips brand product. A lot of people seem to recommend the GR07 but I don't like the how it has no volume control or mic but well see...


Any other suggestions? 

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My advise as I am also new to the world and minefield of IEM's is don't buy into hype, expensive isn't always better, decide what you like in your music most and what want to hear most of and buy to cater the genre's of music you listen to.


As you pay more the listening experience changes, the focus becomes more on detailed mid frequency's and higher range's and less on bass.

wich works to make natural instruments sound more alive and airy wich suits classical music and jazz, or for someone wanting to hear nuances in vocals but it can create a less fun clinical and analytical sound.


If you listen to dance, electronic music, metal, rock, altern/indie, hip hop r&b and pop, my opinion is you need plenty of bass there but not so much it muddy's everything, if only it was as easy as it sounds.


I spent £280 on phone's I'm not happy with and feel are over priced because I jumped to fast.


Trust your ears first what everybody likes is different.

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