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Some good NC cans?

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Been looking around for a decent pair of NC cans for a bit now..could use some extra help.

Right now I'm using the Senn HD555s and they are pretty awesome,  but I need something that isolates background noise / cancellation. My roommate shares an office with me, and it can be hard to focus and or concentrate on what is going on -- on my side. What I'm looking for is something I can wear for long hours, so comfort is a must. I listen to a lot of music, watch videos and do heavy gaming on the weekends. So it must be a good 'all arounder'. I do not currently own a headphone amplifier, but I do have a decent, err oldish soundcard installed. The SC is the XI-FI Xtremegamer edition. 

I've been talking with a guy who might sell me the Bose QC15s at a good price, what do you guys think of those? Uhh, any other suggestions?

Thanks everyone, I aprreciate any feedback!


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When it comes to noise cancellation, nothing really has the Bose products beat.  The QC15 sounds pretty good.  I have not heard the QC20, but that supposedly sounds a little better and attenuates noise a little better.  It's more of an ear-bud than over-ear though.


The Parrot Zik sounds pretty decent and cancels nearly as well as the QC15, but it has horrible battery life.

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Bose is still the king of noise cancellation. The sound isnt phenomenal but its honestly not that terrible as many might exaggerate and say. The QC20 is quite a nice in ear. Probably the most balanced and good sounding product that Bose offers IMO. QC15 is a good choice too though, expecially at a discount.

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For straight nc, nothing beats the Bose. But the PSB's M4U2 are way better in sound. Their nc is good though not amazing as the QC15s. If the environment you listen music in is not extremely noisy, I'd grab the PSBs. If nc is more necessary than audio quality, then Bose. Another good thing about the PSBs is that they work even without batteries or NC off and they still sound pretty well.
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What about a pair that doesn't require a battery?

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You usually require a battery for noise cancelling.

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Do you mean NC headphones that you can charge, instead of having to physically take out batteries and replace them?


Cuz ive never heard of a NC headphone that doesnt need battery.

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

You usually require a battery for noise cancelling.
Of course you do. But with the PSBs you can use without NC without batteries and they still have pretty good sound. And even the passive noise isolation is quite acceptable.
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Hmm, how about just noise isolation? I'm sorry -- I guess I'm newb.

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If you want passive noise isolation, in-ears are easily the best.  Are you looking for in-ears or over-ears?

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I don't really like the feeling of anything inside my ears, just personal preference. Although I've only owned cheap earbuds.

So probably over the ear, I'm so used to thse 555s....

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