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I might have erroneously posted this to the Dedicated Source Components forum--or, at least, I'm hoping this is why I haven't received any replies ;-)...


Just received my new Music Streamer HD, and I'm having trouble getting it to work properly with my Windows 7 laptop.  The laptop has both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, and I also have a powered USB 2.0 hub connected to one of its docking station's USB ports.


With the DAC's 2.0/1.0 switch set to "2.0," the driver will not install successfully upon plugging the unit into the laptop.  I've tried all USB ports, uninstalling/reinstalling several times each.  The issue is repeatable on both another Windows XP and another Windows Vista laptop.  Of course, without a successful driver installation, I can't see the Music Streamer as an audio playback device option.


When setting the Music Streamer to "1.0," the driver installation appears to be successful (but, I assume it's a USB 1.0 driver?).  At this point, I can see the device for setting it as the default playback device.  However, when playing a regular CD from the laptop, something is terribly wrong.  Not only does it seem to be playing in mono (vs. stereo), but it's as though some channels are missing (some instruments are not present).  It's like playing the master on a 16-track with a few of the channels cut way down.  Very weird.  Playing the same CD straight out of the phone jack sounds fantastic (normal) compared to this, and it's killing my plan for ultimately running this through my new MAD Ear+ HD headphone amp.  It doesn't matter what player I use (WMP, Foobar, etc.).


Any ideas?