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For Sale: SuperPro DAC + Rockhopper mini^3

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$80 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
SuperPro DAC + Rockhopper mini^3

Will Ship To: U.S.

Selling my college setup which was replaced by NuForce DAC/AMP combo. Since these have been collecting dust, I'm pricing it to move.


Source: SuperPro DAC707


Amp: Rockhopper Mini^3


This combo has been a great transportable setup for me. Small form factors with great sound, very easy to take along with a laptop. Only charging cables included, so you will need an optical/coax/usb source cable and an RCA cable. 


Functionality is like new. Appearance 7/10 due to tape residue on bottom of DAC.


DAC was purchased from TopPop. His description:

"I've modified this unit by replacing the cheap RCA jacks on the analog output side for some much higher quality ones."

From Obad Imports:
"The Super Pro uses the CS-8416 for the receiver ship and the highly resolving, 24-192kHz, CS-4398 for the D/A chip. Dual LT1364Cs are used for analog output. The unit has optical and coaxial digital outputs. Analog output is via standard RCA plugs."


Will have pictures in next couple days.


PM with any questions. Thanks!

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