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For Sale:
SOLD Smyth Realiser A8 HDMI *** free worldwide shipping ***

Will Ship To: Anywhere





Hello Head-Fi'ers,


Well, I didn't think I'd ever sell this one, but here we go. This is without a doubt the most amazing piece of equipment I've come across in this hobby, and I dare say that it is a better investment than 99% of what is called "Summit-Fi".

However, I've slowly realised (no pun intended) that I simply don't use the Realiser often enough to justify keeping it. I mostly listen to music on my portable setup these days, and for movies I tend to use speakers more often. I ended up using the Realiser maybe once a month, which is a shame.


In any case, if you're looking for the ultimate solution to emulate speakers on headphones, the Realiser is your prime choice. I've tried nearly all of the other available solutions to achieve an "out of head" sound using headphones, and while some of them are quite decent not one of them comes close to the Realiser. It works equally well for movies in 7.1, stereo music and everything in between.

For more information on the device itself, please visit the manufactuer's homepage:




I'm the 2nd owner of the Realiser, it is about 1 1/2 years old. It is in very good cosmetic and 100% functional condition. However, as the first owner of the unit was a smoker and I won't deny that there was a certain lingering smell on the equipment. After repetedly and thoroughly cleaning all components - even the cables - I can confidently say that 95% of the smell has gone, but still I'd like to mention it. Since I've purchased the Realiser, it has been used in a smoke- and pet-free home. All in all, I'd rate this as an 8/10.


The orignal power supply (the cheap wallwart sort) has died at some point, so I have replaced it with a decent stabilized PSU. Works with 100V - 240V.


Comes with all original accessories. Included in the package are the following items:

- Smyth Realiser A8 (HDMI version)

- power supply

- remote

- head tracker unit + headband holder

- head tracker receiver

- measurement microphones

- microphone strap

- microphone/head tracker extension cable


Bonus! I will also include the following items to make sure you can start using your Realiser right away:

- printed manual (Smyth only provides a PDF one)

- 3m HDMI cable (to connect the Realiser to your HT system)

- Toslink cable (1m) to connect the Realiser to an external DAC

- 2 GB SD card (SDHC cards won't work)

- RCA cables


For an additional 30€ I can also include a HDMI matrix switch with four inputs, two outputs and a remote. This is a great device if you want to connect multiple source devices to the Realiser.




Shipping is free! Includes insurance and tracking.

EU buyers please note: As Switzerland is not in the EU, you will have to pay import tax which depend on the country you live in. Please take this into account before agreeing to buy this item.

Local pickup is possible as well of course and comes with a discount.




The only thing I'm interested right now is a HD800 in good condition. +/- cash where appropriate.




I accept payment by PayPal or wire transfer. Within Europe, a wire transfer is strongly preferred (no fees!).

When using PayPal, the fees are to be paid by the buyer.



If you should have any questions, please feel free to ask, I'll be happy to answer them. :beerchug:

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