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Recently, I ordered a high-end DAC from Drew Baird at Moon Audio.  Price was fair, shipping was fast and communications were good.


When I received the unit, it wouldn't hold sync on USB, and Toslink had dropouts. I immediately communicated with Moon, and although Drew was at the CES, he and Nichole at Moon worked to resolve the issue, in this case requiring coordination among me, Drew, the US distributor and the product designer.


The matter was resolved by Moon sending me a prepaid shipping label to send the DAC to the distributor, and I was refunded my full purchase price immediately upon their receipt of the unit.


These things happen, but I was very pleased with Moon Audio's professionalism, and was again reminded why it makes sense to buy directly from a reputable distributor like Moon rather than through a group buy or directly overseas.  The risk seems too great for any savings you may find, especially with technically sophisticated equipment.


Thanks, Drew and Nichole at Moon!