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Good morning


I have a Phase 24 Firewire Audio Interface , but I lost 9V DC power supply (I just moved to a new home ...) . Interface is working perfectly but in order not to overload PSU of the PC, I always tried as much as possible that any device is connected electrically with its own power supply.


I have it connected to my PC, via 6-pin Firewire cable so Firewire port is feeding electrically the device


I need to know polarity and amperage (9V DC is printed on the back of the device, I suspect it is 1A according Firewire 1394 specifications) to avoid any damage


I downloaded manual from manufacturer , checked in many websites but with no success about specs of this AC Adapter


I know this is an old audio interface but works great under Linux and Windows 7



Thanks in advance,

Jorge Gimenez