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I love having good sounding headphones and speakers and I've just recently started working out. I've been using earbuds while running but I just find the cord very annoying to deal with. Also, they fall out of my ear fairly often which leads me to putting my Zune away in frustration (yes, my Zune). I'm looking for some wireless headphones with good sound and I'd really prefer on-ear design. I could be persuaded for over-ear but I don't want something very bulky. 


The only choices I've come across have been as follows:


Sennheiser RS120


Beats Wireless (I know)


SOL Republic Tracks Air


Monster Isport Freedom


The Sennheiser's are obviously great from a price perspective. All of the others float around the $150-200 while the RS120's come in at right around $80. However, they seem the least likely to stay on while jogging or working out. They seem rather bulky compared to the others, but I'm sure they have good sound quality as Sennheiser is a great brand.


As for the Beats, yes I know that they are completely overpriced and are not amazing headphones. But I can find them at the same (or less) price as the SOL's or Monster's so I feel they're worth a shot. I have no idea how these would hold up while jogging, they look lightweight and stable enough to possibly do the job. Does anybody know? 


I really like what I see from the SOLs, they seem very lightweight and durable and look like they would stay on. Once again though, this is just from looking at pictures and videos of the product.


The Isport's are definitely probably my best bet in this situation as they're designed to do exactly what I'm looking for. These are more expensive, however, and I didn't want to jump the gun without considering other options. 



Well, I'm sure I'm missing quite a few possibilities from this list but it is what I've come up with so far. Thanks in advance for any advice given, it is much appreciated. 


Oh and bonus question, my Zune unfortunately doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities, any recommendations for a small adapter?