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For Sale:
Audio-gd C39-mk3 Preamplifier (120v)

Will Ship To: Canada, USA

I have for sale the balanced C39-mk3 preamp from Audio-gd. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada and would love a local buyer; however, I am willing to ship anywhere in North America if you're interested.


I purchased these directly from Kingwa at Audio-gd in 2010-2011 and have decided to part ways with the equipment due to apartment living and the need to downsize the audio equipment footprint. If you've always wanted to try out an Audio-gd balanced preamp this is a great chance to do so at a significantly reduced price. The gear works perfectly, but has some cosmetic defects on the top aluminum plate. I'd get it re-anodized for < $50, but I think that is best left to the prospective new owner.


I'm looking for $500obo + shipping for the preamp. Make me a reasonable offer if you're interested. I'm willing to work with you.


It can handle XLR, ACSS (proprietary current based Audio-gd connector for their DACs and power amps), and RCA outputs.

-- Inputs --
2 x RCA - I believe the label on the back for these 2 channels are not accurate and are reversed.
2 x XLR
1 x ACSS

Please check out the review: for more information.

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