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For Sale:
SPL Auditor - Black Very Minty-PayPal Fees included

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I will post pictures or provide them upon request to interested buyers as the amp looks like any marketing picture. There isn't a flaw anywhere, and it still has low hours of use. I would say that realistically there is about 200 hours on the amp. I purchased it new so only one owner. The Auditor is a fantastic solid state amp. Tons of voltage, rock stable, you can push it and it never suffers for the demand. Very nice neutral presentation, but not at all sterile or boring, quite the opposite. Everybody that comes over and has a listen are stunned by what the Auditor can do. It was designed for studio use, which for me is ideal. Your headphones provide the character, the Auditor provides steady, clean and musical signals.


I am getting out of headphones for about a year so that I can invest in a better integrated amp for my system (NAD M3), so sadly being poor, all my gear has to go which includes my D7000. Man does this hurt! At $575 (PayPal fees included) you are getting a very respected and capable solid state amp that is very well received with the T1 and HD 800, pairings that experienced users swear are almost as good as you get without spending really stupid money for that final bit of detail. I will likely click some picks of the amp in my system, but I don't want to take it out of the unit unless it is for an interested buyer so the picks will be for the front face only. As stated, my word is solid, there are no marks of any kind on the amp, it has stayed in the wall unit since I bought it, and I don't even let fingerprints get on it. Excellent opportunity to save a couple of hundred dollars on a next to new amp, maybe just broken in. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers.

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