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Headsets for gaming?

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I'm not sure if any at all or not a lot of you game, but I will post away anyway.

I recently purchased Sennheiser 350 SE for PC and console gaming and after having it for a day I can tell they are a great piece of kit. 

I've probably wore them for around 4/5 hours having to take them off every hour or 2 due to pressure discomfort around the temple area. (I'm sure this will go with extended use?)


For the price tag I'm still yet to see something that stands out from these headsets. I have a pair of Plantronics 780 which sound wise are fantastic and comparing it to the Sennheiser which are 3x as much, I'm not sure if I should send them back.


If any of you do play games what type of headsets/headphones do you have?

Oh and my other question is, because I don't have an amp or anything like that, and an Asus xonar DG soundcard will I be able to get a cheaper set of headphones lets say the PC320's for example and still experience the same audio quality as the 350's?



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The Xonar DG sound card comes with a basic headphone amplifier.

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Probably not. The Headphones itself are like 70-80%+ of the soundquality. The DAC / Amp does much less than you would imagine.


Comfort issues? Try a Beyerdynamic HEADPHONE (NOT headset), like the dt 770/990 pros, which should cost around the same as a PC 350~. (DT 770 = closed cans, DT 990 = open cans like PC 360), just with the difference, that both will completely outclass an PC 350 in any thinkable way.  Comfort, Build Quality, Soundquality (and so also better for gaming), and spare parts if any little piece breaks, be it cable or anything else.

Main reason for me to recommend the Beyerdynamics so much: by far most people find them the most comfortable headphones out there, and because of the spare parts they can last you for 20-30 years, and even longer.

But mainly the comfort issue. Try them, i bet you will be very pleased^^


The Missing microphone will be your slightest problem here, since you can use any microphone you want. be it studio Microphone with USB interface, like the Samson Go Mic (which is pretty small, and has a great sound quality for that size + that price), or a cheap micro like Zalman Mic1.

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