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Compare: VSonic VC1000 vs. DUNU DN-1000

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So, these 2 are the top 2 choices on my purchase list, from the reading it sounds like I would like the sound of both, but I would like to hear some direct comparisons from those who have had both. I am also looking for opinions on comfort for both and how easy they are to wear over the ear as opposed to straight down and how easy they would be to workout with due to size, weight, microphonics and anything else you think might be pertinent. Finally, where would I go about getting them and who has the best price and/or service. I have seen them on lendmeurears and bigbargainonline but don't know where else I might be able to find them. Thanks in advance!

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Just bumping this up as I know there are definitely a number of you that have owned or heard both of these and would still love your opinions.

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Another bump up, someone has got to have something to say about these.
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I have the VC1000 but haven't heard the DN-1000. The general consensus is that DN-1000 is an upgrade to VC1000 on basically all fronts - considering the price difference of around $90 it's a fair trade-off I guess.


I'll say a few comment on the VC1000:


1) They are incredibly comfortable, wearing them up or down I can easily lie on my side and fall asleep. I regularly use them more than 8 hours a day. They don't come with cable cinch, so I made my own using electric tape, and it works very well. Cable is surprisingly good for its size. Looks thin but very tangle resistant and doesn't kink easily at all.



2) The rubber tails/strain relief isn't glued on well to the wine-colored aluminum (?) housing. Mine came off after the first day when I was testing different tips. Easily fixable with cyanoacrylate-based glue (i.e. super glue, don't use polyurethane-based like gorilla glue, as it seems to dissolve away the material rather than glue it together).




3) I settled on wide bore teal tips shallow insertion for the best fit/sound. Deeper insertion sounded way too artificial and the peak above 10k became much more pronounced.


4) I put on the tip differently than what's intended, I push the tips all the way to the bottom of the nozzle rather than stopping at the first ring. This tames down the treble peaks even further, and make instruments (especially violin and other stringed instruments) sound much more natural. Otherwise, they sound energetic with any synthetic instruments, but sound very weird for any instrument that's not plugged in.





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Thanks for the reply, good into for sure. I do think I am leaning towards the DUNU, they sound like an upgrade all around and the fact they are being described as a fun IEM has me interested.
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Yeah it certainly piqued my interest.


However I am holding out for an upgrade from the VC1000 with DN1000 sound quality or better, replaceable cables, and with a 1 or 3 button mic + control. Can't seem to find one anywhere for less than $500...

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I own the DN1000's and they're indeed very good, but don't isolate very well. I've always been interested in purchasing the VC1000''s because I travel a lot and heard they isolate very well. The VC1000's would be perfect for those long flights.

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