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Sennheiser Hd545 Repair Help

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I acquired these headphones a few weeks ago and found them to have a problem with audio connection (when I would move my head or wiggle the cables there would be a fuzz or the sound would stop in an ear or both).


I bought some replacement cables and still had an issue; so I decided to open the headphones up.




I figured if I could squeeze the spring, it would help the connection with the hpsc connectors, but during the process one of the red wires came loose. Seeing as they were connected directly to the spring, I figured I could solder it back. I used some silver-bearing solder, but the red wire and coil did not make contact. Upon closer inspection I noticed the other red wire was connected to the coil with some sort of yellowish adhesive and that's when I realized I may have destroyed my headphones trying to solder the voice coil to the spring.


Luckily when I touch the red wire to the spring, the headphones work however the I'm not sure how to keep it bonded. I'd appreciate any help on this subject or any recommendations.

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I have these headphones and they are terrific. So I'm posting just to give this a little bump. Maybe someone with skills can help.

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Have you tried having a small blob of molten solder on the tip of the soldering iron set at about 350-400 °C, then holding the tip of the red wire in that molten blob for about 10 seconds using a pair of tweezers, then soldering the red wire to the spring? The red wire may be enameled, so you might need to melt the insulation adequately before soldering it.

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