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Help finding a relative upgrade from the ATH M50s

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Like the title says, I'm looking for an upgrade from the ATH M50s, Basically I'd like something that is bassy but clear and accurate however I also want to be able to feel the bass. I only have the Amperiors to compare them to, I find the Amperiors to be better in sound in some if not a lot of cases however I feel they lack in bass energy (hence the "feel the bass"). I feel like the sound from the Amperiors come from the mids and going up and down as needed for the audio. While the M50s start a bit lower then climbs up which is why I prefer the sound on the Amperiors but I like the feel of the M50s more. 


     I'd prefer closed back circumaural headphones over on-ear like the Amperiors. I also find that the M50s slide off my head, I'm not sure if I'm just wearing them wrong or If I just have a weird shaped head. The only way I've gotten them to stay on my head is to press down on them at the very back of my head.


    I have done some research on my own. Currently the one's I'm thinking of looking for are: DT770s (250 ohm), Pioneer HDJ2000 Denon AHD2000,  or the V-MODA Crossfade M-100. Really I'd like to keep the price to be under 300$ but am able to go over that but not by much. I also have an Amp the C&C BH2, in fact I'd also like to know if these would drive the DT770s properly as well as the others in the list. If someone could help and point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate that. If I'm being too vague please point it out so I can explain more if I can. 


edit: I forgot to mention I do want to use these for travel as well, I don't mean they have to be portable, just not on the huge side of things, I'll also be using said headphones on a PS vita with the C&C BH2. Not much in the ways of EQ there on the Vita.

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XB 500, http://www.head-fi.org/t/600736/basshead-headphones#post_8254976

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Based on what you have said, I would recommend the VModa M100. It has strong bass, but it also has some energy in the highs. Pretty much the definition of a "fun" sound.

FYI: The Denon D2000 is no longer made, so if you like those, you would need to buy used.
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Those are quite interesting and for the price they look quite nice. I'll definitely try to find a pair around me to test them out. Unfortunately I don't have an actual EQ on the device I plan to use these on (some of the time, mostly on PC though) so they might not be best to use with a PS Vita and an amp. I'll add that to the post.  



Ah I didn't know the D2000 aren't being made anymore, thanks. I'll see if I can find a pair of Vmoda M100's to use or if I can't I'll order on amazon and return before the 30 days are up or something as a last resort. 

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