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The Perfect Portable Digital Audio Player

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What would yours look like? What features should it have or exclude? What genius should it borrow from others? What mistakes should it avoid?

Here's mine:
- big UI like the popular smart phones, but with protection to prevent breaks.
- ability to play the highest quality formats, without ignoring the others.
- great DACs like Wolfson or burr-brown.
- circuitry focused on sound.
- ability to add storage, but start with 128 gb on board, or maybe no memory on board to keep it simple.
- use a storage option that's affordable, but that offers more space, like SDXC instead of micro.
- if you're going to supply software, why not assume that users may already have playlists and meta data they would like to import. Support standard formats like pls and m3u.
- also assume that users may not like your software, or may prefer what they use now. Make sure your device works in the most common media managers.
- make sure your UI is easy to navigate, paying mind to those who may want to store their entire library on your device.
- offer sorting by just about any common meta data entry.
- allow users to customize their home menu on the device with what they are most likely to use
- use batteries that could be bought anywhere, like aaa rechargeables.
- make your player repairable. There are ways to make batteries, storage and biards accessible without making the player feel cheap (see Mac air).
- use as little plastic as possible, or none at all.
- have as few buttons or other moving pieces as possible.
- make it water, dust, etc. resistant or proof even.
- Bluetooth is a plus, maybe even a must. But if you add it, give it some range.
- USB3 connectivity for sync!
- allow users to share and rate eq settings for particular headphones through forums or your software
-maybe have settings for in vs over ear headphones
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256/512GB internal storage
no expansion capability
dual mono layout using WM8740 or other DAC
no equalisation
no on-board amp only line/optical out
UI that can be taylored from PC
high grade electronic components
mains and battery power options
modular construction
about the size of Cowon X7
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