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The iQube V5 is coming!!!!

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The New iQube V5 is coming!!



Is the iQube reinvented? Yes it is!!!


After a long period of silence from the iQube front we can proudly announce the introduction of a brand new iQube, the V5.

What have we done? Well, nearly everything!!

And that is why we go from V3 to V5, so many changes, such fabulous improvements, we had to skip the V4 number.

Being awarded many years in row and by many for being best in class, best in transparency it was time to redevelop the iQube’s famous class D output stage. Bruno Putzeys, well known from Hypex and the first iQube’s, together with Bart van der Laan have surpassed themselves in doing so!!

Bruno has reengineered the output stage and it is now capable of driving even the most difficult headphones, like a Sennheiser HD800 or BeyerDynamic DT770. Bart on his turn has developed a full new iQube. We changed everything, literally, including the PC board. We went for a four layer medical grade type.


Here it is in a glance


  • New class D output stages
  • New power supply based on a Lithium Ion cell, more power driven, more than double in play time, digital controlled charging stage
  • Full new digital section capable of any signal you can think of, yes DSD single dual rate DoP
  • Floored noise level, by means of a new PC board and redesigned analogue sections
  • Full new digital controlled user interface by means of embedded software and coloured LED’s
  • Is there something we did not change? Yes there is! We did not change the looks!
  • The casing design will remain the same although we succeeded in decreasing the weight yet further.


Is there something we did not change? Yes there is J. We did not change the looks!

The casing design will remain the same although we succeeded in decreasing the weight yet further.


The specs at a glance:


  • THD+n at 200mV output (typ) 0.0045%, max output 0.025%
  • Frequency response @ 200mV into a 16 ohm load: Analogue input 5 – 50kHz (-1dB)
  • Power 160mW_16 ohm, 80mW_32 ohm, 12mW_200 ohm
  • Zout: <0.1 ohm @ f<5kHz, <1,5 ohm @ 20kHz
  • Output noise: 7uV (unweighted)
  • DAC type CS4392, 24 bit delta sigma, 114dB dynamic range
  • USB PCM audio 24 bit 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz asynchronous
  • DSD single (DSD64) and dual Rate (DSD128) over DoP (0x05/0xFA) and dCS (0xAA)
  • Analogue  input      >= 40hr playtime
  • Digital input           >= 12hr playtime


And when will this all come to market? As we have now entered the final prototyping stage we think we can start production around springtime 2014, so we expect first sales around spring/summer 2014.


Price point? Still hard to say but it will probably be around the $699 mark.


Keep posted and visit us for regular updates.


Some Board Teaser Pics:)





Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. Moon Audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018 Moon...

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Any more updates?

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Well some teaser pics and an update.

After the latest tests and few minor updates we decided that we are going from prototype to pre-production stage now.

When we get the delivery dates on the key components we can say more about actual sales start date but we are still in line with the original planning.











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Can you please let us know what is the safest place to get updates about V5? Are you going to update us using this thread? iQube V5 has my attention greatly. 

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Hi, yes if there are updates I will always also be updating this thread, so this place is good to get your updates.


I was out of the air due on my own Qables and iQube sponsor forum but soon the same information will be posted there as well.


Rgds Hans.

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Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. Moon Audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018 Moon...

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cannnnnnnnt    waiiiiiiiiit!

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The Boards have been ordered. End of this weeks al ordered parts should be in as well. So next week we can plan production !!!!

As soon as we have planned I will release a possible start sales date.


I can also confirm that the V5 will work with the camera kit from Apple by use of a special iQube V5 mini USB-USB cable adapter.

We are still testing the OTG cable option for the Android devices, by use of the same adapter cable but the major one's like Samsung, HTC are already confirmed to work as well.


Regards,  Hans and Erik,


The Qables & iQube Team.

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Good news.

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Hi, some updates:


The sales price has been fixed now and is as follows:

European Sales price inclusive VAT 21% 625 euro

European export sales price excluding VAT 517 euro (699US$)


Please check for the local (US and Japan) dealer for their respective local sales prices.


As we have started production now we are about to release the start sales date very soon, expected end of July / beginning of August.



The Qables team Erik & Hans.

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Very nice to see a new iQube surfacing as an early variant was my first decent headphone amplifier. I kinda forgot about iQube with all the CLAS & DAP malarkey of the last few years, but will definitely revisit the brand after the V5 is released.


Hey, Erik & Hans don't forget the introductory pricing discount for Head-Fi members! :L3000:



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Euh...... discount??? wasn't that for products that normally don't sell? :wink:


Hahaha, no just joking! But I will leave that to the regional distributors to come up with and I am sure they all will have some kind of introduction package!


And as for Europe I will make a nice introduction package available as well!



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Going to be putting the V5 against the Hugo, let's see who is going to come out on top.
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Today I will receive a couple of boards from the first production run to put to our tests.


Once we approve these the production can go through final round to finish all the boards!


It looks like we will start sales early August! Yippie!!!!


I will post some pics later when I have received the units and build them into their housing.


Hans & Erik, the Qables & iQube team.

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