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WASAPI and jRiver

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I have started using a laptop with my AK 120 as a DAC. I'm going optically into a Marantz receiver. It all sounds really good to me but I'm confused about WASAPI.


I have the latest version of jRiver installed on my laptop. Do I need to add WASAPI or am I all set?




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WASAPI is one of the audio output methods. If you want to use it with JRiver, you have to set it up:

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OK. Thanks.

Does anyone have an opinion if it helps to use WASAPI? The sound I'm getting is pretty awesome right out of the box!
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It *can* help, but sometimes it can make thing worse (such as pops & clicks when seeking songs). If you're satisfied with default settings, just enjoy the music! smily_headphones1.gif
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If you do “nothing” you use DS (Direct Sound), Windows default.

All audio is converted to float and dithered.

All audio is resampled to the rate as set in the sound panel.


If you want automatic sample rate switching and no dithering (and a lock on the audio device as WASAPI in exclusive mode does) you must use another driver like WASAPI or ASIO.


You possibly get a slightly more transparent sound but as usual YMMV


A bit more about WASAPI can be found on my website: http://thewelltemperedcomputer.com/KB/WASAPI.htm

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