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I never heard the Zune but my girlfreinds Mom won a brand new Zune 16GB HD and dock for it, but doesnt know what the hell it is! I did some work for her at her Apt and she sold it to me for a good price as partial payment. Anyway, I have been reading up about the Zune and it appears to get good reviews, but the only thing I am concerned about is the device as a MUSIC PLAYER only, don't care for the other multimedia crap. Anyway, the general consensus is that the Zune sound good, but lack of a real EQ kinda kills it for me.


My question is, should I keep the Zune, or sell it, and does it sound better than my Clip Fuze or Ipod 5.5G? The Zune is still sealed and I'm dying to see if it sounds better than

what I have (though I doubt it because I purchased the Ipod and Fuze because of the positive reviews and love the Fuze) but you never know, it might have the sound-signature

I'm looking for. Anway, what do you guys and girls think? Keep it, or sell it to someone who could better use it?


I would love to hear what type of sound-signature the Zune owners think the Zune has, crisp and clear, warm, etc? How is the EQ with the presets? I wish it had a user selectable

EQ, any apps for that? Thanks for any opinions and advise!

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