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Denon D2000/5000/7000 replacement HEADBAND?

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my d2000's need a new headband, the old stock one is flaking and pealing off


has anyone successfully relpaced their headband? is there a way to get the original denon one?


here are the only two options ive found:





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I wanted to replace Denons headband because I wanted  to make them more comfortable if that is even possible, so the first one you linked is a bit narrow and it will require stretching,  in order to be fitted. The second look better IMO, its more like original and if it is a little wider you will have better chance to fit it on. 


Denon is basically a Fostex production model and they share pretty much the same construction so if there is a spare part with reasonable price why not.

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My last pair of D7Ks had a headband issue. Previous owner claimed they had been in a storage unit and that the headband warped due to heat. When I got them they were worse than I expected. Anyways, I looked/checked/emailed everywhere and everyone to find a replacement headband with no success. So I ended up selling them and buying another pair. Id be very interested if you do end up finding a source for replacement headbands, but I think it's kind of unlikely given the increasing rarity of these headphones.

Now if you're just looking for repair, look no further:


This guy does some awesome work including denon headband replacements
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