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I've already modified my XD-53s for the detachable cable, simply removed the stock cable, fitted a 3.5mm 3pin jack (fit perfectly into the cable hole!) and soldered it up to the existing driver leads (probably a big no-no... I may go back and solder my wires directly to the driver later) and reterminated the headphones end of the stock cable so I can continue to use it.


(yes I know, I know, my crusted up pads need to be replaced...)


No immediately noticeable change to the sound, turned out quite nice, any cable fits the jack VERY snugly, I only have one problem with it: using a cable with different gauge wire than the stock cable leads to one side being quieter.  I understand why this is happening, but what can I do here to avoid this problem?  I would like to be able to use a thinner cable than the old coil cable...

(Disclaimer: I've only actually tested this with one cable, the Monoprice mobile 3.5mm male/male auxiliary cable)


Now, I would also love to be able to turn these into a headset!  I've found two solutions that will work without any further modifications (although they may not sound so great due to the aforementioned issue with third party cables), the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headset Gear Cable, and the V-Moda BoomPro.


My other option is to replace the main jack with a 3.5mm 4pin jack, replace the cable with either a 4pin mobile 3.5mm headset cable or have it terminate into 2 distinct 3pin 3.5mm plugs for headphone/mic, and then I'd add another 3.5mm 3pin mic jack to the cup where I can plug in something like this (except something of higher quality if I can find it...)


Thoughts/suggestions/concerns/questions?  Kind of a lengthy post, thanks to anyone for reading!  :)