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Hello, I currently own a Denon D2000, Krk Rokit 6's and a Sennheiser HD 25-1 II. I was looking for a DAC with optical in and RCA out with a headphone jack and I stumbled upon the Musiland Monitor models.


I like the US Dragon because of the volume knob.


But I also noticed the US 03 having the same features.


What is the difference between these two and I was planning to use these with my KRK's on RCA then just use headphones when I feel like it. Would this be a good idea? 


Do I have to spend money on both to get supposedly "optimal" sound or are the difference between the Dragon and 03 minor? I have a feeling that one is a DAC and the other is an amplifier. I suppose it'd be pointless for me to get an amp because the krk's are already active speakers right?