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Hello everyone, 


I got a little windfall ths morning (someone wanted to buy my long disused twitter name hah!) and consequently have £500 to spend unexpectedly. 


I currently have an iphone 4, ipad 2, and a mac mini hooked up to some ancient harmon kardon speakers. I only really use my iphone for audiobooks and I hook it up directly to the speakers to play classical music most mornings. 


Since the ios7 upgrade my iphone4 is a damn brick.. 


So.. as I clearly know nothing about nothing, I wanted to ask your advice on getting a better audio experience. Any device must be able to play audiobooks and have a backlit screen as I am nearly blind (which makes me think i might really appreciate better audio..). I dont need video at all, as I have the ipad for that. 


Should I just upgrade/change to the latest ipod touch and live with the speaker system as is? (we have a tiny house, so not sure how a higher end system might work out)


Or.. should I get some higher end mp3 player and something like Sonos to stream it through?


just looking for a some suggestions as a starting point. 


Many thanks!



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