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Kindle Fire HDX 7 / 8.9 Headphone Output Sound Quality

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Hi, can someone who owns one of these compare the sound quality output to iPhone/iPad/other tablets and phones? There doesn't seem to be any reviews out there or posts on head-fi about this.



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I was about to start this thread myself. There are so many professional reviews that praise the hardware, and I know the screen is superior to the iPad Air's--but no one comments on the sound quality via earphones. I'm particularly curious if the volume is sufficient, or it low as with the Nexus 7.

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Tablet audio quality (other than through the speaker(s)) is generally not mentioned even in comprehensive reviews. Music is just one of a long list of multimedia capabilities. As far as I know there are no hi-fi tablets. Apple/Samsung will probably be the best with other manufacturers below this by varying degrees. All will be lower quality than the likes of Fiio's X3/Ibasso DX50. Until someone does a roundup of tablets comparing their audio only we won't know.
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GSMArena seems like the only site that tests this regularly but alas they have not seen fit to review the latest Kindle line. Example:




I've read that there are some flaws in their methodology. From memory I believe it was that they do not fairly adjust for volume level fairly in their THD/Noise readings. But it gives you a guide at least.


Other site was GoldenEars, but they seem to have stopped doing new reviews on DAPs.


You're right that it's mostly only Apple and Samsung that care about headphone out quality. It's a pity that Asus seem not to, otherwise the Nexus tablet line would have been excellent.

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As the Kindle has surpassed all competitors in the area of screen quality, I'm optimistic that the audio may be strong as well.


I suppose I'll just have to take some earphones to a Best Buy later this week and hear for myself.

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Would very much appreciate it. Over here in Australia we don't have that option :P

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That is what I'm interested too. Could someone post his review about this please?
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I have the HDX 7 in addition to iPad 3.  The Kindle HDX headphone output audio quality seems to me inferior to Apple iPad 3, especially the mid-range is relatively more subdued, darker.  

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