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Some music is different but basically the X3 will drive the HD650's but I got the Aune T1 MK2 for my home setup and for portability I'm running the PSB M4U2 cans which sound great out and about
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I realize this is an old thread but I thought I'd put in my 2 bits.

I've been using the HD800 with X3 exclusively for the last 2 months cos' I can't quite bear to cough up the cash to buy something better. I'm running the X3 as a DAC/AMP from my PC which plays FLACs, mostly standard CD quality. I listen to mostly classical, soft rock and modern worship.


I usually put my PC at about 75% output, place the X3 on high gain and the volume is typically 25-35, with 30 being about the average figure so I think the X3 has sufficient power to drive this headphone.


I think the combination is just wonderful and I really enjoy the music, even better than with my JH Roxannes (considering the X3 was primarily designed to support portable music). I can hear more details, or at least hear them more easily with the HD800 compared with the Roxannes. Bass is also outstanding, full and detailed. I can hear the shimmering of the cymbals clearly which I really enjoy. 


I guess a more expensive setup may sound better but for now I'm just enjoying the music and I think that's the most important bit :)


BTW: I've also listened to the Telarc recording of Tchaikovsky's 1812 with the "digital canons" as brought up in the previous post. They are simply amazing with the HD800s and the details of that almost cacophonous bells section at the last bit is simply superlative.

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dont have an ibass player but tried out my HD800 with a newly acquired hidizs. drives it to a respectable volume but i'd have to say u'd be missing out a whole lot of what the HD800 can do driven by a good synergistic source + amp (violetric v800 > dynahi in my case).


much better off with a set of portable cans. fwiw my grado ps500 sounds sweet with the hidizs

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one more here to verify X3 has no problem driving 300 ohms, HD600 in my case. i generally run it at 75-90 out of 120. and btw, how are you folks getting 60 as your max number? i think i might like that as i feel the steps are too small with 120.


i can also confidently report that there is some improvement in separation, detail and overall goodness to be had by running the X3 LO thru a decent amp. i am using the Cayin C5 right now and will be doing a shootout this weekend with the FiiO E12 that i expect to arrive today. and when i plug the X3 into either my main home system or my smaller bedroom system i also notice the same difference between the HO and LO. so take advantage of that LO if at all possible.

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