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Can't get my new Mixer or Microphone to work

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So I just bought my first Condenser Mic, and my first mixer, planning to record things through various DAW. I've been so excited to use them but I've had them for a week and I haven't a god damn idea what I'm doing wrong at this point. I can't say that I'm particularly well versed in this subject, I had to get the mixer after the mic because I didn't know anything about phantom power, lesson learned there but I'm sure I have more to go.


I've been all over the internet trying to find answers, and I've tried so many things that haven't done anything. My mixer is the Pro Audio 615808 Mixer from Monoprice, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxGALRrI5E0 here's a Youtube video if it helps at all, shows the layout pretty well) which I thought could be hooked up by USB, only to find out that it was only for playback, and yaaaay, I can get that to work just fine. When it's plugged into usb, my computer sees the mixer, but of course I can't record with the mic
I went out and I bought Stereo Mini Jack to RCA Female, and Male to Male RCA Cables, and plugged that in to microphone and nothing happened so I looked around and found out that someone said I should plug it into the Line-in, (the light blue one), so I did that and it recognized the cables, but that's...it. It doesn't seem to care that the cables are plugged into my mixer in the slightest. I've tried everything with the cables to the mixer, I plugged the RCA Cables into 2KIn and 2KOut, then I plugged them into an adapter so I could plug them in the back, where it says L/Output and R/Output (white to left and red to white) This did nothing, and now the best I can find on the internet is to spend another $100 minimum to get something to convert it to Midi. Which I'd rather not do at this point


The other problem is that at no point have I been able to tell that my mixer recognized there was a microphone plugged in. It's the Studio Projects B1 Condenser mic, and yes I have the phantom power on. There isn't a whole lot to do with the microphone, so I've been pretty consistently confused. I'm not sure if the problems are related, and I'm desperately hoping they are, because as far as I can tell, there's been nothing to suggest the mic wasn't shipped to me broken.

I'm running out of ideas, it seems I must be missing something so basic nobody has bothered to mention it, because I can't find anything that I'm doing wrong. I've tried to use the mic through Fruity Loops, Audacity, KRISTAL, Wavepad, nothing has any idea that it's there. I'm getting so frustrated, because I honestly can't tell what I'm not doing. I'm running Windows 8, and I went through the Hardware and Sound, and when the usb is plugged in it registers a "microphone" but it can't be recorded with, and it shows the RCA cables, and they're active, unmuted, and also registered under Recording. But again, they don't say anything else.

So I have a $100 mixer that you can listen to music through, using headphones, and absolutely nothing else (yay) and a beautiful condenser microphone that looks really cool at my computer desk, but other than that does absolutely nothing. I really hope someone here can help because I'm baffled. Also, if there's another site I could try this on, that might be more able to help me, I would appreciate that as well.

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Don't worry. With a little methodical experimentation you will soon have it all worked out.


You didn't really need a complete mixer. A basis microphone pre-amplifier with phantom power and a line out pair to your computer line in would have done. Although at that price you get a lot of extra options. So it's all good once you suss it out.


It's not really a proper audio interface. It's actually a basic hi-fi stereo in/stereo out DAC/ADC clumsily bolted on to a simple mixer. So you will never see the actual microphone in your DAW or operating system. Only the total combined main out from the mixer. Likewise you cannot send the stereo out from your PC to a specific channel strip. Only to the main outs. I think. As you have found the documentation is hardly going to win prizes. It is all there if you read carefully though.


First let's make sure the mixer actually works.


Switch it off. Disconnect everything. Everything. Plug in the mains electricity. Turn all knobs labeled GAIN or LEVEL to zero (anticlockwise). Leave all the other knobs at 12-o-clock


Connect any line level source to the ...............................Mmmh.


I could be writing this all afternoon and the chances are you have already worked it out yourself. If you haven't post again and I will walk you through it.

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