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Upgrade From Panasonic RP-HTF600

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Hello everyone!


Looking to upgrade from my Panasonic headphones. I like the sound they have, but I'm wondering if I can't do better for less than 100$.


I use my headphones for listening to music mostly, with some gaming thrown in, primarily FPS.


I listen to all genres, but I am mostly interested in good sound for Symphonic Rock, Metal-Core, some Dubstep/Electronica.


I'm not sure how great the bass is rated for my current cans, but they have barely just enough for me to enjoy them, I'd really rather not drop below what these put out in terms of bass. I don't need to necessarily go subsonic in frequency, but I enjoy "feeling" the bass and having it prominent. I could do with more bass, though.


Circumaural only, please. I can't do on the ear and IEMs start to get a bit uncomfortable after a while.


I don't care whether or not they are noise cancelling, from what I understand, sound quality suffers. Either way, it's a non-issue.


I DO care about how much sound gets leaked to people around me. I don't want to bother people around me, especially when I am listening to Metal-Core, not many people appreciate that genre of music, haha.


Comfort is important, too. These headphones are the first ones that I've owned that I can wear for hours at a time... But that might be because all my previous "headphones" were actually headSETS.

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You could try the Sennheiser HD280 or the Creative Aurvana Live.
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If you can go 149.95... fry's has the Senn HD 598 on sale... awesome phones for the price. The are extremely comfortable. The Fry's didn't have them where I live (Austin, TX) but best buy "magnolia" did a price match. 





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Thanks for the replies!


My friend has the CAL! cans, and they leak a bit of sound. Over the past month I've been reading reviews and the majority I read about the HD280 is that they are "meh" for the money, that there are better options.


The HD598 is a possibility, but I'd rather not upgrade that high yet, I'm new to this, and I'm not sure I have the ears for really hearing AMAZING sound quality, so I just want to work my way up slowly and see if I can notice a difference.

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Ok, did some more digging and reading.


I'm looking at:


Logitech UE6000




V-Moda Crossfade LP


And now I have a pretty noob question.


Do I need to worry about the UE6000s having a mic and noise cancelling tech? I thought I read somewhere that headphones with those don't sound as good as others without... Am I just being stupid?

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