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Unique Melody 3X Universal Triple Hybrid - AUSTRALIAN TOUR and Impressions

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Inspired by Billy M, I am organising an Australian tour for this triple hybrid universal IEM.


I know most of Australian HF-iers have been mesmerized recently with the plethora of triple hybrids, namely H-200, DN-1000, and AX-60, so here is your chance to audition/trial/enjoy the similar offering from one of the well known CIEM manufacturer, Unique Melody.


It is only exclusive to the Unique Melody UK at the moment, and I have been fortunate to be amongst the first owners - MSRP is roughly about AUD$475, depending on exchange rate (£249 + £19 shipping)


Technical Information

  • Configuration - 3 way, 2 BA drivers + 1 dynamic driver
  • Frequency range - 20hz-18khz
  • Impedance - 13ohm
  • Sensitivity - 105dB spl
  • Noise isolation - (-25dB)


Some Pictures (taken from the UM UK website)



UM 3X black



  • I will invite several people whom I know, or whom I have dealt with before, or are well known for experience/reliability/etc to participate in this tour. These members will be included automatically, unless if they let me know that they do not want to participate - Other than these names, anyone else are welcomed to apply to participate, please let me know (by posting here or by PM) if you would like to participate, I will choose based on experience, feedback, reliability, integrity, and so on.
  • I will try to group the members based on location, so I'll let it circulate within the members in Victoria, then move it on to NSW, QLD, and so on. This will help to minimise cost to send to the next member
  • Each member will get 7 days, not including transit time.
  • Each member is responsible to post to the next member, by registered Express Post (shouldn't cost more than $8 within the same state, or $12 for intra-state, unless if you are sending to WA :tongue_smile:)
  • I would appreciate you to post your impression, thoughts, and/or review in this thread within a few weeks of you spending time with the earphones.


Here are the list of members who will be included in the tour in the correct order (the replacement unit is currently with me and will be sent to White Lotus by mid next week)

  • H20Fidelity  
  • lin0003
  • White Lotus
  • billymav
  • svyr
  • d marc0 <--- currently here


Others who would like to participate, please let me know - I will organise the order when I have all the names


The tour will start by mid-next week roughly, I will be sending the IEM to the first member on Wednesday or Thursday, just in time for the long weekend

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wow! looking forward to various impressions! still waiting for my pair :(

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LOL. I was reading the opening description thinking "Oh man, I hope I'm not too late to sign up..."




Us aussies are going hybrid-crazy at the moment it seems. Must be the heat.



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Wow! Thank you for including me. It's an honor...

Hybrids are definitely getting the attention recently and I personally love them.
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Wow, thanks for including me, it's an honour! 


I'd be happy to participate and post some impressions. 


BTW, I live 5 minutes away from White Lotus so it would be nice if he was before/after me. 


Thanks! :D

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I can say that those of you who love H-200 will definitely like this, it has that upper mids/lower treble spike, just like H-200, except nowhere as prominent.


I would be very interested to hear what you guys think of it, and as well as comparison to DN-1000, H-200, AX-60, or any other hybrids.


Also, if possible, if any of you guys are willing to write a line or two on how upgrade cables improve the sound (if applicable - for those who have upgrade cables with a compatible connector in their arsenal), that would be much appreciated


Assuming that the participating members stay as is, all of you live in Victoria, except H20, so I might either start the tour with Billy, and H20 being last before going back to me, or start with H20, then Billy and everyone in VIC.


I'll post the confirmed tour order by Wednesday



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Hi, I'll have the DN-1000 and AX60 to compare as well as a pure silver IEM cable :D 

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Mighty nice of you djvkool. I wouldn't let any of those ratbags near my gear. Specially that Lin007 member.
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Lolololo wink.gif
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=) thanks was about to ask - then I read you read my mind wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

Mighty nice of you djvkool. I wouldn't let any of those ratbags near my gear. Specially that Lin007 member.




With that being said, I hereby officially close the application process and the UM hybrid will starts its tour around the country tomorrow, first stop, NSW


the order of the tour will be as following (first post updated with the correct order)

  • H20Fidelity
  • lin0003
  • White Lotus
  • billymav
  • svyr
  • audionewbi
  • d marc0


and just a technical note, so far, I'd say it has been through about 20-25 hours of usage in total



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looking forward that 3x and 2x releasing in Australia~~

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Package sent to H20Fidelity today

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Reporting in to say the UM 3X has arrived to me safely. 

My first visual impressions on build quality are good, the metal carry case (or tin) which holds some weight gives a feeling of quality. The threaded lid also pleasing which gives a nice sound when spinning it open. Inside the case is padded out with what appears velvet. Pleasing to the eye and touch.

Onto the shells, the craftsmanship and finish is equally as good if not better, I'm especially a fan of the clear housings with no bubbles what so ever, giving you the ability to see straight inside at the drivers and tubings (photo to come). Another thing I'm fond of is the metal nozzles which I've forgotten to take a photo of for the time being, there is a metal nozzle that is implanted onto the end of the shells for placing your tips on, I think this is a fabulous idea and excellent for cosmetic appeal. (even though you won't see it most of the time)

Comfort levels when wearing the hybrids is far above average, there was however some driver flex present on both sides which is disappointing, it just seems the way with many hybrids these days, although the Dunu DN-1000, 1Plus2 and my Rhapdsodio hybrid managed to escape such a problem I encounter more hybrids with driver flex than not and over all my time with them. Although the noise is annoying I've never had an IEM fail or suffer in my ownership from this issue.

Back to the comfort which really jumped out at me soon as put them on. So I'm guessing with some time you may simply forget they're there at all. The cable which is weaved in some way I much prefer over the Westone cables, it's soft rather flexible and holds little microphonics. Excellent cable, great build, smashing accessories case = good good good.

Little sad however this set don't have Unquie Melodlys trademark logo present. However, if you look closely you can see the back of the dynamic drivers both sides as a bonus. 

Having a look inside the housings you can clearly see what's going on, more so in person than my camera can pick up. You can see the dual BA and dynamic driver placement exactly with two tubes coming off each into the nozzle, the work inside these shells is very neat and tidy. With a clear acrylic shell obviously people are going to be looking inside  and UM has thought that through. Even looking at the left then right shell they almost mirror image each other down to the millimeter, however with a close eye in the light you can see one side doesn't have quite as much glue holding the dynamic driver in place. Personally I really like seeing inside it gives an added feature.


On to the sound.

In the short I've spent with them, I'm hearing a V shape signature with a recessed mid range while the treble and bass forward with maybe just a hint of warmth to the mid range, not overly dark just a touch toned down to make them smooth and non fatiguing, but much closer to neutral, so fear not they sound very clear and transparent. The soundstage is overly impressive, wider than most of my other gear here, the imaging is rather solid. I don't think they're quite as detailed as my Rhapsodio Hybrid or another Tralucent Hybrid I have here but edging out above the detail levels of Dunu DN-1000 and certainly a little more expansive in staging. Area's like separation are strong and more than satisfactory for this price range.

Bass texture and detail is also very nice, there's good speed pulling off the bass line notes accurately, holds clarity keeping good pace contributing to PRaT, however moving up to the treble there's a peak somewhere which makes the treble sound a little 'tinny' it's somewhere in the lower treble to upper mid range which stands out over the presentation depending on the recording. I'm guessing this is what djvkool was speaking about. Another down side is the vocal sibilance is fairly prominent more so than a recording shows, I'm, hearing some tracks that are spitting out sh sssh sshh Ttt's quite obviously, It can be a little distracting.

So to sum up my quick thoughts I think they're great looking product one that screams quality however the sound is not exactly stable in my eyes, very close and probably passable to a majority but the vocal sibilance I can only hope to ease with some different tips.  I've been informed to try some foam tips which I don't think should be needed, and I'm going to tip roll some more however. Where I'm won with the build and appearance I've been a little let down by a few problems, namely the treble peak and vocal sibilance.

Why can't the world rid of sibilance? We can send man to the moon, mars, build amazing buildings and complete astounding tasks as humans, but we cannot cure sibilance. :rolleyes:

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Fantastic impression mate, extremely enjoyable Friday morning reading with biscuits and coffee...:wink_face:


Agreed with you there on the comfort level, I think that is the same universal shell that UM uses on its newest CIEM, Mentor, and also if I remembered correctly, Lin0003's universal Miracle is also the same shaped shell


In regards of the logo, the second shipment of UM 3X for some reason none of them have logos on it, and luckily my preference would be just that, but normally it does have the UM logo

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