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Hey guys, I've searched for a while through the forums for a while now but all I've gotten is conflicting information at best so I'm making my own post. I'm looking for IEM's that bring out the best in the indie, punk, folk, and rock genres. Bands like The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, Motion City Soundtrack, Bon Iver, Two Door Cinema Club, etc. I've posted a couple videos as examples of the kind of music I listen to.


I need a pair of IEM's for about $150 or less and that have inline controls. That part is easy but the sound profiles is what really tripped me up. I've been recommended Etymotic's before by friends but all I've seen about them is their accurate and "cold" sound profile. While I would enjoying hearing all the nuances and instruments distinct from one another, a lot of people seem to say they lack bass to a fault and the sound profile comes across as unnatural. A clarification on the matter would be greatly appreciated and recommendations even more. I'm just looking for the perfect pair of IEM's to rock out with. So, to review: IEM's, inline controls, $150 or less, good isolation, have a sound profile that enhances the kind of music I listen to.


Thanks in advance!