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I am looking for advise and validation of a new system I intend to build over the next year or so.


I already own several pieces of equipment, which I intend to sell, except for my Sennheiser HD700, Dynaudio Focus 160, and complete cable, cord, and conditioning system from Nordost. I am very happy with these components and they satisfy my needs in my den of about 12x12 feet in square footage.


I am considering Woo Audio's WA2 as head- and pre-amp, Simaudio's Neo 340i as integrated amp, and Wyred4Sound's DAC2 DSDse as D/A Converter.


I like both solid state and tube sounds depending on music genre. Therefore, I would like to use the WA as both head- and pre-amp, as well as the Neo 340i as integrated- and power-amp respectively. This plan would require the following connections:

DAC2 -> RCA -> WA2

HD700 -> stock cable -> WA2

WA2 -> RCA -> Neo 340i

DAC2 -> XLR -> Neo 340i


I am not sure these components, and in particular this connection plan will work. Please advise. Thanks!