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IEMs: Different volume

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I just got new Creative EP-660s and comparing them to my Mee M9s , it is very obvious that the M9s have a much lower volume compared to the EPs.

I had assumed that my phone itself was the culprit but it seems the earphones are the problem.

The sound quality might be a bit better on the M9s but honestly it's not much different.


How do you rate the quality of EP 660 to M9 and why is the volume so different ?

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M9:    Sensitivity: 95 dB (1mW @ 1KH

EP 660:  Sensitivity (1kHz):




The M9 are less sensitive vs the ep660 more sensitive iems are easier to drive vs less sensitive, this can equal to volume.


for instance if you took your er 660@16ohms and put a 75ohm 3.5mm adapter on them, they would be even that much harder to drive. ohms of the iems also play a roll in both sound quality and volume, the more ohms a headphone or iem is the harder it is to drive. same goes for how sensitive the iem is, if its a sensitive iem, you can play it out of a ipod or phone no problem if its a more sensitive iem you will need more power thus a Amplifier to boost the volume.


in short the m9's were more sensitive were easier to drive and gave more volume than the 660 which are less sensitive.

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