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Hello all. This is my first post.


I came to know about KOSS after buying my first MP3 Player (Archos Jukebox Recorder) and reading the forums. The Porta Pros never arrived to my country, but in the early 2000s I found a pair of white Spark Plugs and I bought them. At first their sound isolation and astonishing bass were very puzzling, but I loved them (used some tape in the back) and have used them almost daily until a month ago, when they departed with a hardened wire insulator and the shattered plastic earpieces.


I was about to buy a new pair of KOSS, but the more I research the more doubts I get:


According to the reviews at (I live in Spain and reviews are scarce), there has been a huge drop in quality (both build and sound) in the last 4 years.


There's 2 (or even 3) types of the same system: Spark Plug, Pathfinder (both look the same to me) and Plugs. I suppose the Plugs have less bass than the other ones, but I can't be sure about it.


In the meanwhile, I have bought a pair of Denon AH-C260R, which give more vivid and clearer treble than I was used to, but I find the bass lacking and not so good noise insulation.



I would like to know from other's experience about the current KOSS plugs. I really miss them, but I don't want to buy an inferior product that has nothing to do with the ones I bought about 8 years ago.


Thanks for your help.