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New member here, trying to make a choice

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Greetings.  Long time lurker, first time poster.  I'm a 37 year old dude from Houston, finally dipping my toes in to the endless rabbit hole of audiophile headphones.  It all started from my living room last year.  Dove in with a Panny 65VT50, Pioneer Elite receiver and B&Ws all around.  Been chasing the carrot of perfection since.


Now here's where I'm going back and forth.  Last week, I picked up the Sony MDR1RBTs, which I love.  First real headphones I've ever had.  Barring Astro A50s, but those don't count.  Picked these up at Best Buy, price matched Amazon for $299.99.  But, I'm sure most of you understand, now I'm having the, "Well, what else could I have gotten for around this price?"


While the bluetooth is nice, I really don't need it.  I mainly listen at my desk, wired.  The only thing I use the BT for is my Vita late at night.  So, a little cable between my cans and that isn't a big deal.  And while these do sound wonderful, I made the mistake of listening to the B&W P7s, and fell in love.  So now I present my situation to you that know more than I.  Are the P7s as good as I think they are?  Are they worth $100 more than I paid for my 1RBTs?  While the build quality on the Sony is really good, it is flat out sublime on the P7s.


At this time, I do not own an amp.  I'll look in to that a bit later on.  I simply plugged the P7s in to my Note 2, fired up Spotify Premium, tuned to Ozzy's No More Tears and almost cried, lol.  It was that good.


So, what do you guys think?  What would you do in my situation.  Anything I'm not thinking of?  Sorry for the rant and thank you in advance.



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If you would be willing to get a headphone amp (or to be tethered to your receiver without buying anything new), you could have a lot more choices. It seems like you are mostly looking at the "portable"-type headphones (closed headphones designed to be used without an amp) now -- if you are looking for new sounds, IMO it's worth checking out the popular open headphones that are generally used with an amp, such as:

Beyerdynamic D-770/880/990
AKG Q701, K712
Sennheiser HD-600/650
Hifiman HE-400

I've owned the DT-990, Q701, and HE-400, and IMO the HE-400 is the can to beat. Same price as the P7. I haven't heard the P7, so I can't really give you a comparison, but the HE-400 is just out of this world good. It's best with an amp, but you could easily use it without one on the Vita (I use it with an iPad for late-night gaming). 

If you fell in love with the P7 though, nothing wrong with that. Trust your ears. 

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Thanks for the fast response.  I did try the HD-650.  And while extremely nice, seems it needs more juice than I have.  I also am looking for a closed set.  I really loved how the open cans felt, but that's not what I'm going to go with for my first real set.  I listen to music a lot when I lay down, and I am pretty sure my wife would rather not hear everything.  I will likely be picking up the 650 or 700s later on, but not just yet.

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I see. In that case, I vote that you activate your YOLO and get the P7. But I'm just a guy on the internet wink.gif
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You're right!  Not like I can't return them if I'm unhappy.  Just needed that push, lol.

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Haha, happy to oblige. Next step: build up enough posts here to make a classified and sell the Sony. Then buy some more new toys...

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Ha.  Well, picked up the P7s, and I love them.  Such a great sound.  Very happy with them.  And to continue down the rabbit hole, I'll be ordering the Schiit Vali/Modi.  That should take care of me for a good while.

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