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For Sale: Black Aluminum Grado SR325

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For Sale:
Black Aluminum Grado SR325

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling off my only Grados a set of black SR325. They are not in the best condition they have scratches on the cups and the previous owner did all the work DIY so its not perfect. It was recabled with a pretty nice cable and is terminated in a 1/4" plug. I will include 2 headbands the stock with a red padding attached to it and a plattan clone headband which is my favorite Grado type headband. I will include a set of wood cups that I bought to shave down in order to turn these into ghetto HF2/PS500 but I never got around to it. It will also come with 3 sets of used pads a original Grado G-Cush Jumbo, yellow HD414 flat pads, and normal L-cush pads (what I mean by used is that you can tell they are not new but still have a lot of life in them, I never used these pads got them that way). Price includes shipping conus through USPS Priority, I prefer a USA sale but if you are in Canada you must pay actual shipping on top of the asking price. Does not come with the original pizza box. Also due to the DIY nature of this one it is being sold as-is, it works perfect now and I will include shipping insurance as well.

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