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So i dropped in some replacement HD650 drivers into my knackered old HD565's, replacing all the cushions and a new cable to boot.


Sounding absolutely wonderful but am I getting the 'true' HD650 experience here?  Could the chassis designs of these 2 types of headphone really make such a difference to the audio representation?


The 650 drivers dropped straight in without a hitch as the chassis receptors are exactly the same size for either driver, however the 565 chassis isn't as totally open-backed as the 650 chassis and hence may afford my Frankensteined cans a bit of an acoustic differential if compared to a pair of pukka 650's. I don't have a pair of 650's to compare however so I'll never know.


What say ye all? Should I stick with these for a 'maybe the same' experience or drop some notes on a proper pair of 650's...?