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What type of alcohol is your headphone?

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Imagine a darkened room and fine scotch in a crystal glass by your side. An oaky aroma wafts over you, a smooth taste caresses your tongue, followed by a pleasant warmth on the way down. The LCD-2.

Sitting at a race-track with a light beer. Smells like beer, tastes like beer-flavoured water. Nothing spectacular at all about the taste. Beats Studio.

The diversity of alcohol closely matches that of headphones, naturally producing quite accurate comparisons. I look forward to your input! smily_headphones1.gif
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I think of all the Headphones I Bought so far.... Damn I'm a alcoholic :beerchug: 

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I haven't owned that many different headphones (my main pair, and the ones now feeding Vivaldis Stabat Mater though my ears are Sennheiser HD-540's that I bought over 20 years ago - at the time they were Sennheisers top of the line model), so probably I'm the wrong person to have opinions on many different phones...

But to answer the question:
Whisk(e)y. On a weekday like this it would most likely be Famous Grouse or a young Glen Grant. As a matter of fact, I belive I will have to get out of bed (it is bedtime in my timezone, and I'm tired due to health issues) and pour myself and my wife a couple of nightcaps. So I thank the OP for the inspiration :-)

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Deed done. Glen Grant, 10 years old (we are almost out of the version without any age given - which I frankly prefer due to it beeing somewhat lighter in taste).
Tomorrow being Friday, I probably will sample something else. I believe I have some kind of Irish single malt tovked away somewhere.

And meanwhile Vivaldi has ended, and we move on to Rossinis Stabat Mater...
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HE-400 = Imperial IPA (probably one from Stone)

Deep kick with a sharp, astringent taste that lingers in the mouth. Not for everyone.
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I really don't know what alcoholic drink my M50's would be, but I do like Samuel Adams. smile.gif
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Lcd2 = rogue dead guy ale
T1 = nicely oaked cab
007 = maybe a woodford bourbon or macallan?

Shooting from the hip here. Its a titos vodka night:)
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