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For Sale: Stax SR-007 Mk1

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For Sale:
Stax SR-007 Mk1

Will Ship To: Can/US

The SR-007mk1s are sold but the SRM-717 is now available... the buyer backed out.

 * Asking price will include shipping within North America but buyer to cover paypal fees *


It is with a heavy heart that I must part with this set up. I can't justify keeping them when both our cars need repairs.

It is the best sounding headphone set-up I have ever heard .

From what I've read, the SRM-717 is considered the best Stax amp for the SR-007mk1. It is considered a better amp than the SR-727 which replaced it. I also tried the 007mk1's with the SRM-007A, the tube amp, and the 717 is a much better match. The back says 100v but there is a set of jumpers inside that allow quick change to all voltages. No step up/down transformers needed.

( the triangle on the volume knob in the photo is some tape residue from the previous owner.)

Anyway... The earspeakers are in very good condition. The only thing I can see that shows their age is that the elastic for headband is a little stretched out. If you have a small head, that might need addressing but it had no bearing on my use. 

The flight case has a little dent in one corner but the cardboard box and manual are included.

The SRM-717 has more signs of age with some scuffs and a few dings here and there. Sounds wonderful though and at this price, well you are getting it at about <1/2 of new and several hundred under what you'd see a "clean" looking one used.
No box, manual or power cord included with the amp..

Prices to split the package would be $1750 for the SR-007mk1 and $1050 for the SRM-717.


Price does not include shipping or paypal fees.


I will include the vinyl dustcover. The earspeakers have been covered except when in use and have no channel imbalance.

PS. Stand not included

Reasonable offers considered especially if local.

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Will ship O2's to down under? 

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I'm not adverse to the idea but shipping is very expensive. I'll let you know what it should cost and we can go from ther but I suspect it will be around $120.

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I hope this isn't too off topic but it cost me $100 to ship the 007mk2 fully insured to the US


If I wasn't moving away from home setups I'd buy this
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Thanks, I looked into it and Canadapost was quoting more like $175 overseas... unreal!

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Originally Posted by SBranson View Post

Thanks, I looked into it and Canadapost was quoting more like $175 overseas... unreal!

Nuts but I'm use to shipping costs from CAN/USA to AUS. 


Think the most I've ever spent on shipping was getting a vintage Sansui XMOS amp from the States to AUS shipping was $825. lol 

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