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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Need to sell off my Vali! Getting a new amp for my Portable system


Unit is in PRISTINE condition, barely a month old. 


Unit will not include RCA Cables, if you need a pair please add $5 


Also I paid $137 for my Vali, this price includes shipping. That said, I'm asking for $115 SHIPPED for my Vali


Also her Model number is 5xx I'll confirm later today 


Price includes shipping to USA 48 only! Will be shipped with tracking and $50 insurance as well. 


International buyers please pm for rates 

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Didn't think you would get rid of this!

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Originally Posted by Thujone View Post

Didn't think you would get rid of this!

I REALLY don't want to but I really need a new amp fo rmy portable rig, my pb1 is stuck on high gain, which gives me NO volume control on my Closed backs :/ with a balanced D2k in bound, I would have no way to use it portable unless I fix my pb1 or get a new amp [I got a pb2] so that said


Plus when my D2k arrives I'm planning on getting my W1000x balanced, I've got LME 49990 OP amps going into my Pb2, those are the same I ran in my M Stage and they matched wonderfully with my W1000x, still I might wind up buying another Vali in another month!


Sadly the Pb2 doesn't show up very often and when it does... and it did I needed to JUMP. 

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I MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT keep it... depends on a lot of things atm xD 

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I'll buy it for $100 shipped w/ the option that you can buy it back for the same price! wink.gif
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Sold >.> 

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