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I picked up a pair of Samson SR850's the other day from Sam Ash. Mine came with velour pads instead the pleather pads I had read about in the reviews. The SQ is nice, and they are great for gaming but man do they hurt after a while... Are there any mods I can do to these to drastically change the fit of them? I've done some searching and have seen a few mods but nothing game changing, except the "ghetto" mod I saw... Not going there, ha!


If I end up having to get another pair, what do you guys recommend for around $150 or less for music and gaming. 3D positioning is important. Thanks!


To add: I have been trying to reduce the clamping force a bit by keeping stretched over a box just a tick smaller then my head while not in use. Doesn't seem to be making much difference four days in.